Four Aspects Of ‘Extra Mile’ Bookkeeping

How do you know if your accountant or bookkeeper is going the extra mile for you?

For that matter, how do you know if you can trust their acumen and their dedication to your bottom line?

On the website, we talk about four things that describe our responsive bookkeeping business. We think that these are some of the aspects that make us so valuable to small business owners anywhere that people use our remote services.


This first one is important, because when you need bookkeeping, you need it all the time, not just on specific days of the week.

That’s kind of a farcical way to say it, but the principle is very relevant to bookkeeping. People rely on their bookkeepers and need them to be proactive, to be always vigilant about finance, to be professional and detailed, and to really keep an eye out for any problems that may occur.

The opposite of ‘cooking the books’ is a dedication to detailed transparency and precision. These are the kinds of services you need when you’re seeking bookkeeping for a business!


This one might sound a little strange, at first, until you really think about how bookkeepers work on behalf of clients.

It’s not that they are really sacrificing a lot of themselves in order to practice their trade. But they are offering time and energy that’s often behind the scenes – that people might not see until they sit down and think about what the bookkeepers are doing. Then they may appreciate a lot of the work that goes on in fine-tuning financial systems, making sure that everything is humming along smoothly.


Bookkeepers also invest money into their education on the front end, in order to better help clients.

That’s often in the form of an accounting degree, but also in certifications and professional development, where they learn about the newest rules related to taxes and everything else about small business finance.


Simply said, bookkeepers have to be good at what they do. A poor bookkeeper is not an asset to your organization. You can actually lose quite a lot of money in business when the books aren’t being done properly.

Dedication, sacrifice, attention to detail, professionalism: all of this adds to our expertise when it comes to top-class bookkeeping services for small business, and the reputation of a company you can rely on moving forward.

Again, when your people have integrity and your vendor services are committed to your success, you’ll be able to see your business chart a forward course and remain confident about what you face in the future.

Check out the rest of the site and ask any questions you have about our bookkeeping services and how we have helped many small businesses to survive the challenges they face.


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