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About Us

About Bookkeeping 101

Sheronda Sealey has loved the fields of accounting and management for most of her life. High school was where she was first introduced to bookkeeping, thus the brand name of Bookkeeping 101. She then enlisted in the Army where she was thrusted into leadership put in charge of other soldiers and religious buildings called chapels. She was a chaplains’ assistant and accounted for the weekly monetary offering of thousands of dollars. She took such deep pride in the care of her soldiers and the upkeep of her chapels. She attended the Funds Clerk course which prepared her for running an Army Non-Appropriated Fund in value of $800k. She was the gatekeeper of all fund requests.

After five years in the Army, she competed for and won a scholarship to become an Army officer. The Army paid her tuition to attend Tuskegee University where she worked for the supply office. This afforded her the opportunity to stay close to bookkeeping by being put in charge of supplies as well as studying for her Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

After graduation and being commissioned as an officer, she attended the Officers Basic course, and she was put in charge of all incoming officer admissions. Through management and organization, she created a database that became invaluable to the organization. She coordinated vital training and resources to ensure her soldiers were able to do their jobs successfully.


That love of bookkeeping and management deepened while working her small family-owned Texas business as the Accountant/Office Manager where she absolutely thrived with the bookkeeping aspect, despite the so-called great recession! The dedication, sacrifice, education, and skills that she has brought to other organizations has given her just what she needs to run her own business and give her clients the same amount of diligence and great service. Sheronda and her team believe that business owners should be able to focus on their business, so she can make their books her business.

Years later while working for Department of Defense, it became imperative that more education was needed if she wanted to move up the ranks for promotion. Sheronda obtained her Master of Science in Management making all that military experience official. This propelled her all the way to Senior Financial Retail Specialist dealing with Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable.

We offer monthly bookkeeping to keep you on top of your transactions, monthly reports specialized to your needs. We are client focused. We ensure trust, confidence, professionalism, and clear communication across all our services.

How Virtual Bookkeeping Services works:

Business Owner

At Bookkeeping 101, we are committed to provide the best services to grow your business. We are your virtual partner that your business needs for accuracy in your bookkeeping.

Experience In Bookkeeping

With bookkeeping, you can identify money-making opportunities and avoid cash-flow problems. At Bookkeeping 101, we can help you organize your books, save money, grow your business and run a successful company

Need a way to keep track of your business transactions?

Let us manage your bookkeeping for you, so you run your business. We’ll handle your books. You handle the day-to-day operations of your business. We work behind the scenes on the books recording the activity that has occurred. We are committed to keeping all your records and financial transactions safe and we will ensure all your business’s accounts are accurate and up-to-date.